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From Pokhran to Progress: India Marks National Technology Day

Good morning, dear students, and staff.

Today, on National Technology Day, we come together to celebrate the incredible advancements India has made in the field of science and technology. We mark this occasion on May 11th each year, commemorating the successful nuclear tests conducted in Pokhran in 1998. This achievement signified a giant leap towards India's self-reliance and a powerful symbol of our scientific prowess.

However, National Technology Day is much more than just a historical marker. It's a day to recognize the tireless efforts of our scientists, researchers, engineers, and everyone who contributes to this vital field. Their dedication and innovation have transformed our lives in countless ways, making communication faster, healthcare more efficient, and education more accessible.

This year's theme, "School to Startups – Inspiring Young Minds to Innovate," resonates deeply with our mission at this very institution namely Fortune School Soro and Euro Kids International Pre-School Soro. We, as educators, have a critical role to play in fostering a love for science and technology in our students. By encouraging curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, we can empower them to become the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Let's use this day to break down the barriers between classrooms and the real world. Let's encourage participation in science fairs, coding competitions, and workshops that spark creativity and ignite a passion for technology.

Our classrooms can be incubators for groundbreaking ideas. Who knows, perhaps the next revolutionary invention or life-changing app will be born right here, within these very walls, by one of our brilliant students.

So, this National Technology Day, let's pledge to work together – staff, and students alike – to create an environment that fosters innovation. Let's celebrate the achievements of the past while setting our sights firmly on the exciting technological future that awaits us.

Thank you.

Puspashree Mohapatra

Fortune School Soro

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